The company

Water Team, based in Cape Verde, works on the design, installation and management of plants for primary and waste water treatment.
The water is an increasingly precious commodity. Consequently the treatment of waste water from civil and industrial activities is extremely important for the respect and protection of the environment.
Starting from this concept, Water Team is committed to providing its customers, based on their specific needs, the best and most technologically advanced solutions.

Plants and water treatment

Water Team designs and manufactures civil wastewater treatment plants and systems for producing drinking water and process water for industrial and civil use.
With many years of experience in the drinking water sector, the company proposes desalination systems with energy recovery and uses, in Cabo Verde in particular, reverse osmosis systems for the desalination of sea and brackish water.
The use of cutting-edge technologies and the integrated management of water purification plants allow reduced energy consumption as well as optimization in the recovery and reuse of treated water for irrigation.

Our main works and services:
– Reverse osmosis
– Filtration in low pressures on sand and activated carbon
– Ultrafiltrations
– Oxidation processes with activated sludge
– Biodisk plants
– Chemical-physical treatments
– Renewable energies

Services and assistance

Following the installation of the system, the Water Team technical staff manages the technical assistance, the management service and regularly checking on the purification process.
With a warehouse equipped with all the spare equipment and all the necessary chemical products, Water Team can guarantee not only the necessary ordinary maintenance service, but also quick interventions in case of need.