Design and installation
The study of the type of system is the preliminary part to which we devote ourselves in order to establish which is the most suitable solution to the specific needs of our customers.
At this stage our technical staff is dedicated to gathering all the data necessary to provide the customer with the technical and economic information of the plant.
After all the phases of realization, assembly and installation, we dedicate ourselves to an accurate final operation of testing and commissioning.

Wastewater treatment plants
Water Team designs and manufactures civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants, biological and chemical, medium and large, aimed at the treatment of water for cities, industries and tourist facilities.

We use state-of-the-art technologies, which allow for low maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption and which also allow the recovery of purified water and its subsequent re-use in the irrigation of gardens or agricultural crops.

Treatment plants for primary waters
Water Team designs and manufactures production systems for drinking water and process water for industrial and civil use.
With many years of experience in the drinking water sector, the company proposes desalination systems with energy recovery to reduce production costs as much as possible.

Our systems are mainly used in the production of drinking water for civil use (tourist facilities, schools, shopping centers, hospitals) and in the supply of drinking water for the agro-food industry and for agriculture.
The integrated management of the purification systems also makes it possible to optimize the recovery and reuse of the treated water both for WC boxes and for irrigation.

Desalination plants are pre-assembled on skyd and they can be supplied in special containers or designed and built on site.

Electrical systems and renewable energy
Water Team possesses all the necessary skills to carry out installation, maintenance and repair work, including electrical and thermo-hydraulic systems for civil and industrial use.
It also proposes the use of technologies for energy saving such as photovoltaic systems, storage facilities, micro-wind turbines, plants for the production of biogas from waste and plants for agriculture.