Management, maintenance and control
Our specialized technical staff constantly and regularly provides assistance and management of the plants; it controls and verifies the purification process in order to guarantee the constant production of water and reduce the risk of malfunctions, breakdowns and inefficiencies.
The technical assistance provided by us includes 24 hours availability service.

In particular, we carry out the following activities:
– ordinary operation of the plant;
– scheduled and extraordinary maintenance;
– management of chemicals and waste products;
– verification and optimization of energy consumption;
– quality control of treated water.

Water Team also uses remote control systems to continuously monitor processes and intervene quickly if necessary.

Supply of chemical products
Water Team supplies all the chemical products necessary for the correct functioning of the plants and offers a consulting activity to its customers to identify the best products and the correct dosage of the reagents to be used according to the specific needs.

The chemical products, available in 25 kg drums or in 1000 kg tanks, are specifically:
– Disinfectant and oxidising products (based on chlorine, calcium, acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc.);
– Antiscalant;
– Polyelectrolytes;
– Antioxidants;
– Antifoam;
– Products for washing acidic and basic membranes;
– Biocidal products;
– Coagulants and flocculants;
– Enzymatic deodorants;
– Antialgae;
– Metabisulphite;
– Filtering products;
– pH correctors.

Spare parts
In order to guarantee not only the necessary ordinary maintenance service, but also quick interventions in case of need, the company has a warehouse equipped with all the specific replacement equipment for each system.

Water Team has a regular license as an import-export activity, which allows it to independently manage all the transport, import, export and customs clearance of the necessary products and materials.